There are some tips you should follow if you want to give your partner the most amazing London naked massage ever. Massage can be done on all sorts of body parts. Massage can be done on the hands, neck, back, and palms. You can also try your stomach if you want something different. You should also make sure to show your appreciation to your partner after the massage.

The front of their neck

Depending on the person you’re massaging, the front of their neck can be quite uncomfortable. You can help reduce the pain by placing a pillow under their chest. You can also position their arms to the side, palms up. You may also want to put a pillow under their knees or head. Then, begin massaging with your hands, using the entire length of your hand. You can apply pressure by using the pressure of their body weight, working your way up to their neck.

Once you have found the best position for your fingers, place them over their shoulder blades. From here, you can gently glide over the top of their shoulder blades and into their low back. Once you’ve done this, slide your hands up their back, keeping the spine between your thumbs and fingers. Then, slide the hands back down, stroking the back from the top of the shoulders to the base of the neck.

You can also work with their inner wrist. You can stimulate their inner wrist to increase their heart rate. This area has sensitive skin. This can be a great way to show your partner you care. Similarly, you can gently kiss their inner wrist to convey your sensuality.

While the front of their neck is not a sensitive area, the back and nape of their neck contain a large amount of nerve endings, so a light touch can really send your partner soaring. While you kiss their neck, run your fingertips up and down their neck, hitting the nerve concentration there. Remember to always avoid kissing on the lips, as this can be distracting for your partner.

The lower back

If you’re looking for a fun massage idea, the lower back is the place to go. This area is very sexy, and it’s often tense, especially if your partner spends a lot of time at a desk or stands for long periods of time. This area is also a great spot to have a little fun and teasing.

Place your hands over your partner’s shoulders and glide them down the spine. Slide your hands over your partner’s buttocks and low back. Then, slide your hands up the spine with the spine between your thumb edges, over the tops of their shoulders, and back together to the base of their neck.

Pay attention to your partner’s body language when you give them a massage. Pay attention to your partner’s body language if they say they want a specific area targeted. Stay longer in areas your partner enjoys. Always encourage feedback from your partner. This way, you will have a more enjoyable experience.

the palms

One of the best ways to give your partner a sensual massage is to use the palms of your hands. This area of the body is especially sensual because it lies between the testicles (and the anus). You can build up heat by gently massaging this area of the body. Start with your partner’s inner palm, then use your fingertips to circle their outer palm until you reach the most sensitive area. Next, move on to the most sensitive areas such as their belly button. Adjust the pressure to avoid tickling.

Using the palms of your hands for a massage is easy to do. Simply roll a pad between your thumb and index finger. Then, use your other hand to gently massage your partner’s toes. You can also use your partner’s ankle to loosen their muscles.

Cool down after giving your partner a sensual massaging. To avoid desensitization, make sure to use scented oil or use clean cloths. This will keep the palms smelling nice and avoid skin irritation or desensitization. To make the massage more intimate, you can also use an icepack.

behind the knees

The skin behind your partner’s knees is thin, and contains many sensitive nerve endings. Try gently scratching the area behind each knee with your tongue, and move it in circles across the crevice. There’s also a fingertip-sized pressure point between the heel and ankle bone, which feels hot when touched. Move your fingers upward and downward into the hollow indent and lick it in up-and-down motions.

After the knees, turn your partner on his or her back. Place your head behind your partner’s. Place a pillow under his or her knees. Make sure that your partner is comfortable on their back. Next, cover them with a pillow, and apply the oil to their skin. Give long, even strokes from the toes up to the knees, and make sure to check up on your partner to make sure they’re comfortable.

While your partner is prone, you can begin massaging his or her legs. Start with the toes, using the pad of your index finger between your fingers. Then, work your way up the leg. Avoid ticklish areas. To apply pressure, you can also use your body’s weight.

After your partner is comfortable, you can move onto the neck. Next, place your palms against the base of the neck, where the shoulder blades meet the neck. From there, glide your hands up your partner’s back, keeping the spine between your thumbs. After gliding your hands up his back, make sure you slide them out over his shoulder blades and then bring them back together at the base of the neck.