Electric heating air furnace is generally three major steps in the daily workshop processing production process: pre-start check, boot operation, shut down; operators must be familiar with each step of the thermal oil explosion-proof electric heater , Timing check, safe production operation. First, check 1 before booting
. Whether the electric heating air furnace and its surroundings are cleaned, check the furnace body, burner, controller, see if the fire hole, smoke (chimney) channel is normal; 2. Inverting process equipment and processes, check whether the expansion tank oil level is above 1 / 4-1 / 2 level, the thermometer, the pressure gauge, etc. is normal; 3. Turn on the heating furnace control cabinet power supply, check if the voltage is normal, check whether the indicator light and the display meter are normal; 4. Adjust the gas main pressure regulator, the secondary pressure pressure, so that the pressure is small space heater controlled to 0.005 MPa. Second, the boot operation 1. Start the heat transfer oil circulation pump (transportation first, refer to the water pump operation procedure) Press the burner start button to observe whether the fire flame is normal, if it is not ignited, the burner should be activated again after the troubleshooting. Third, the shutdown shutdown 1. Normal parking furnace 1 gradually reduce temperature, turn off the burner, stop combustion; 2 When the heat oil temperature is reduced to 70 ° C, stop the operation of the hot oil circulation pump (refer to the water pump operation procedure); 3 Close the total power supply and do a good job in handover. 2. Emergency stop An emergency in production requires an emergency stop, and the burner should be turned off as soon as possible, and the burner is removed along the burner hinge, so that the furnace and the chimney form a natural ventilation state, The heat storage in the furnace is dissipated to heat the oil naturally, prevent overheating from damage to the equipment.