Welcome to our blog post about choosing quality entryway matting featuring Ultimate Mats’ Waterhog Mats! Have you ever entered a building and immediately noticed the dirty, worn-out mats at the entrance? Not only do they look unappealing, but they also fail to serve their purpose of keeping dirt and moisture from spreading throughout the building. That’s where Waterhog Mats come into play. With their superior design and durability, these mats are an excellent investment for any business or home looking to maintain cleanliness and safety. Let’s dive deeper into why entryway matting is crucial and what makes Waterhog Mats stand out as the best choice on the market.

Introducing Ultimate Mats and their Waterhog Mats

Ultimate Mats is a family-owned and operated business specializing in high-quality entryway matting solutions. They offer an extensive range of mats, including their flagship product, the Waterhog Mat. These mats are made from durable materials designed to withstand heavy foot traffic while keeping dirt and moisture at bay.

Their unique design makes Waterhog Mats stand out from other entryway mats on the market. The raised pattern on the mat’s surface traps dirt and water beneath it, preventing it from spreading throughout the building. Additionally, these mats are easy to clean and maintain, making them a convenient choice for busy commercial spaces.

Ultimate Mats offer custom sizes and shapes for their Waterhog Mats to fit your specific needs perfectly. You can choose from various colors to match your decor or brand identity.

The team at Ultimate Mats takes pride in providing exceptional customer service along with top-of-the-line products like Waterhog Mats. Their commitment to quality has earned them many loyal customers who trust them for all their entrance matting needs over the years.

Ultimate Mats’ Waterhog Mat is a reliable solution for anyone looking for superior entrance matting material that provides durability, convenience, and customization options while ensuring safety by reducing slip hazards caused by wet floors due to rain or snow.

Why entryway matting is important

The entryway is the first place guests step into when they enter your home or business, and it’s also where dirt, debris, and moisture accumulate. This is why having a quality entryway matting system is essential.

Proper matting prevents you from damaging your floors and creating an unsightly mess that can make a poor first impression on visitors. Dirt and moisture can easily be tracked outside onto indoor flooring surfaces such as tile or carpeting.

A practical entryway matting system traps dirt and moisture before it reaches your interior flooring surfaces. It is the first line of defense against outdoor elements that could damage or stain your floors.

Investing in high-quality entryway mats like those offered by Ultimate Mats’ Waterhog Mats collection protects your floors and promotes a cleaner environment overall for everyone who enters. With durable construction materials that last longer than traditional mats, these Waterhog Mats are ideal for commercial settings with heavy foot traffic and residential homes seeking long-lasting protection against wear and tear.

What makes Waterhog Mats the best choice for entryway matting?

Waterhog Mats are the best choice for entryway matting due to their exceptional design and functionality. These mats feature a unique construction that allows them to trap dirt, moisture, and debris effectively. As such, they help maintain cleanliness in high-traffic areas.

Their unique surface design features raised nubs that scrape shoes clean while capturing dirt and moisture beneath shoe level. This makes Waterhog Mats highly effective in preventing slips and falls caused by wet floors.

Waterhog Mats come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and styles so that you can choose the perfect match for your business or home decor needs. They also offer different backing types suitable for different floor surfaces, including carpeted or hard flooring, which ensures maximum grip on any surface.

Additionally, Waterhog Mats are made from durable materials capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic without showing wear signs quickly. Their longevity translates into cost savings as businesses won’t need to replace them frequently compared to cheaper mats.

In summary, if you’re looking for an efficient entryway matting solution that offers unbeatable durability and functionality, look no further than Ultimate Mat’s Waterhog Mat collection!

The benefits of using Waterhog Mats

Using Waterhog Mats for your entryway offers numerous benefits beyond keeping your floors clean. The unique design of these mats makes them highly efficient in trapping dirt, dust, and moisture from shoes before they can enter the building.

By preventing contaminants from entering a space, Waterhog Mats help to maintain indoor air quality, which is especially important for those with allergies or respiratory issues. They also protect against slip and fall accidents by providing a non-slip surface that is both durable and long-lasting.

In addition to their functional benefits, Waterhog Mats come in various colors and styles, allowing you to find one that matches the aesthetic of your space while still performing its primary function. Furthermore, they are eco-friendly as they are made from recycled materials.

These mats require minimal maintenance but offer maximum protection making them cost-effective over time. Their superior performance capabilities and aesthetic options make Waterhog Mats an excellent choice for entryway matting needs.

How to get started with Waterhog Mats

Getting started with Waterhog Mats is easy and hassle-free. First, determine the size and shape of the mat you need for your entryway. Ultimate Mats offers a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from so you can find the perfect fit for your space.

Once you have chosen your mat, consider the color options available. Waterhog Mats come in various colors to match any decor or branding needs.

When it comes to installation, Waterhog Mats can be placed on any surface, including tile floors, carpeted areas, or concrete. Lay the mat down in your desired location, ready to use.

Maintenance is also simple with these mats, designed for easy cleaning. Use a vacuum or hose down with water when needed.

Getting started with Waterhog Mats requires a few simple steps but provides long-lasting benefits such as improved safety and cleanliness in your entryway area.


Choosing quality entryway matting is a crucial investment for any business or household. Not only does it provide safety by preventing slip and fall accidents, but it also helps to maintain your flooring’s longevity and aesthetic appeal. Ultimate Mats’ Waterhog Mats are the best choice for entryway matting due to their durability, efficiency in trapping dirt and moisture, and customizable design options.

By investing in Waterhog Mats from Ultimate Mats, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality entryway matting available on the market today. With their superior functionality, aesthetics, and excellent customer service Ultimate Mats, you will not regret choosing these mats for your space. Start experiencing the benefits of using Waterhog Mats today!